Tragedy In the sports world

Pat Summit

We have lost two more icons in the sports world. Buddy Ryan and Pat Summit were nothing short of legends. They will be missed.

Pat summit won 1,098 games at Tennessee. That is the most wins in Division 1 women’s basketball history. She never had a losing season in 38 years.  To me this is nothing short of amazing. I’m 22 years old and to think that she has had 16 more winning season then I’ve been alive is incredible.  in those 38 years she went to 18 final fours and win 8 national championships.

Their should be no doubt in anyone mind that she deserved her induction into the basketball hall of fame in 2000.  I grew up with the sport of basketball.  To have a legend like Pat Summit to be gone is heartbreaking. She revolutionized the sport of basketball.  Pat Summit Rest in Peace, You will be missed.


Buddy RyanBuddy Ryan is most famous for his Legendary monsters of the midway defense for the Superbowl champion 85 Chicago Bears. He is the Architect for the 46 flex defense that was nearly unbreakable. For every person of the football world this loss is very heartbreaking.

For me being only 22 I never did get to watch Buddy’s work live. I did watch highlights and it was amazing to watch. I have grown up as more of an offense first kind of guy. There is no doubt that when I seen this update my heart sank and it was a very sad moment for me. As a New England Patriots fan Buddy Ryan’s 46 defense crushed them in  Superbowl 20. and now his two sons, Rex and Rob Ryan, coach against my team.

There is a life long rivalry between the Ryan family and patriots nation. However, I believe I speak for everyone in patriots nation when I say this. ” Our Thought and prayers got out to the family and friends of the legendary Buddy Ryan.” Buddy Ryan you will be missed. Rest in Peace


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