GMH Board op
David running the board on Sports Destiny Radio

My name is David Scott Johnson Jr. I was Born in Denver Colorado and Ive lived in the mile high city for most of my life. I am 22 years young and my life has taken many twists and turns along with numerous ups and downs, but there’s always been one constant in my life and its sports. Ive known for at least 16 years that my dream job would be either playing sports professionally or broadcasting the largest games on-air. I am currently enrolled at the Colorado Media School studying to become a sports broadcaster.  My expected graduation is early in 2017.

I Currently host Sports Destiny Radio every Wednesday from 11-12pm MST on GoMileHigh.com along with another show from 12-2pm MST on MileHighUnderground.com. During both shows I act as a Board Operator as well as on-air talent. I look forward to more TV experience, both as on-air talent and the production side. Another interest of mine in the sports broadcasting industry would be the art of Play by play. The list of my dream jobs continues with sideline reporting and interviewing. When people ask me who I would like to be like in the sports broadcasting world. My answer is Stephen A Smith. He gets to do live sports talk shows on TV and the radio. He gets to do interviews with superstars and hall of fame members. The big reason i want a job like him is because i want to travel. He travels all over the world doing what he loves to do and is very good at.

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